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Cafeteria Services

Value without Compromise

Chefs Catering is a fiscally responsible company. Since its founding, we have consciously maintained a uniform growth rate to ensure financial stability, while expanding to meet our clients' changing needs.

Because of our humble beginnings, we understand the value of a dollar. We constantly strive to pass along the best deals to our clients while maintaining the highest standard for quality.

Flexibility. Attention to Detail. Attention to Relationships.

Since its beginning in the 1970s, Chefs Catering has been known and recognized for its quick customer response time. When a client speaks, we listen. And act...

We feel this level of responsiveness is key to our success and a sign of our commitment and reliability. Our company is "people-centric." Even though we're in the food business, we've always known the most important part of what we do is about people.

Forming long-term, trusted relationships with clients who share a passion for excellence and creative collaboration is what excites us and fuels our commitment to the client.

Experience the Chefs Catering Difference.

At Chefs Catering, we dream of a Canadian workplace where positive nutrition is a way of life. Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles at work lead to better choices and beneficial actions at home, school, or wherever people gather for a meal. That's the dream we aspire to every day, in workplaces across Ontario.

Nutritious Inspiration in Everything We Do.

Our goal is to create a customized dining experience to fit your unique culture by offering healthy, hand-prepared meals for employees and clients to enjoy together sparking collaboration and creativity. It's a simple goal, but also, a prevailing one.

Fresh, nutritious, and delicious.

When you're with Chefs Catering, you benefit from a partner who expertly and consistently provides:

  • A customized restaurant experience for your employees and clients.
  • Food to come to work for!
  • Delicious, healthy menu offerings that reflect a wide variety of tastes, and incorporate current food trends.
  • Nutritious meals based on a wellness program we create together.
  • Meal programs designed to help your employees get and stay healthy.
  • Premier special events and catering services.
  • Commitment to sustainable practices that support our environment.
  • The highest industry standards for food safety.

An Exciting Dining Experience.

Food is our passion. Our success is based on our ability to shape our services to create the best cafeteria program to fit your needs. Our flexibility and innovative approach to cafeteria management has allowed us to create and maintain longstanding relationships and corporate cafeterias to boast about.

Chefs Catering has nearly a half-century of experience in high-end corporate dining, creating delicious, healthful meals that fuel and spark creativity.

We promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that your healthy dining and lifestyle program is a major perk for employees and a significant benefit to your organization.

Non Subsidized Cafeterias

The cafeteria culture is changing, corporate budgets are changing, and Chefs Catering is changing that culture. In recent years Chefs Catering has become the leader in serviceing non subsidized locations. If you find yourself in a budget crisis, there are a myriad of options before you decide to close your cafeteria. Each situation is different, but we excel at keeping your cafeteria open and servicing your employees and we can help you find a way to make that happen.